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Electro-Physical Agents For Physiotherapy


The term ‘electro-physical agents’ is given to a wide range of electrical and physical therapeutic modalities regularly used by physiotherapists.The Electro Physical Agents (EPA’s) have been a core skill area in Physiotherapy since the very early days of the profession. Much as there has been a significant shift in the application of these modalities in recent years, their use is evidenced as being effective when selected and employed appropriately. The range of modalities includes a wide range of electrical stimulation methods (e.g. TENS, Interferential Therapy, Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES)), Ultrasound, Laser, Shortwave (pulsed, continuous and associated radiofrequency applications), shockwave, magnetic based therapies and numerous variations. Heat and cold applications have historically fallen within the EPA remit. 


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