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Meniere’s Disease


The inner ear is afflicted with Meniere’s disease. This condition causes severe dizziness, tinnitus, fluctuating hearing loss, ear pressure, and a roaring sound in your ears. Most often, only one ear is affected. It is one of the most common causes of hearing loss.

Sometimes dizziness attacks come on suddenly or after short periods of hearing tinnitus or muffled sounds. It is common for some people to experience single episodes of dizziness every now and then. Others may experience several attacks within a couple of days. Meniere’s disease can cause “drop attacks”, in which the dizziness is so intense that people lose their balance and fall.


The cause has not yet been determined by scientists. It is thought that it is caused by fluid levels or fluid mixing in your inner ear canals. 



The diagnosis is based on the results of a physical exam and your symptoms. Hearing tests can be used to determine how it has affected your hearing.



The condition cannot be cured. You can control dizziness with medicines, limit salt in your diet, and take water pills. A device that fits in the outer ear and sends air pulses to the middle ear may be able to help. Surgery may be necessary in severe cases.


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