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A septorhinoplasty is an operation where the nasal septum is straightened, and the outside parts of the nose are moved to make it look more symmetrical. If you have a blocked nose because of a bend in the nasal bones and septum, an operation may help. This is called a septoplasty. In some cases, a bent septum may be very severe or may cause a twist in the outside shape of the nose. In these cases, surgery on the nasal septum and nasal bones will straighten the inside and outside of the nose. This is a septorhinoplasty. The only way to put the nasal bones and septum back into the right position is with an operation. But a nose which is out of shape and a bent septum will not do you any harm. You can leave it alone if you want to. It is your decision whether you want further treatment. Nasal steroid spray or drops can help reduce swelling inside the nose, which might improve your nasal blockage symptoms. This will need to be an ongoing, long-term treatment.


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