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Varicose Veins


Uveitis is an inflammation of the eye. Uvea (middle layer of the eye wall) is affected.


Symptoms of uveitis often appear suddenly and worsen rapidly. These symptoms include redness, pain, and blurry vision. A person of any age, even children, can have the condition, which may affect one or both eyes.


A variety of possible causes can lead to uveitis, including infection, injury, or autoimmune or inflammatory conditions. Often, there is no obvious cause.

The diagnosis of varicose veins is usually made by a physical exam. Additional tests like Doppler USG may be required in some cases.


The most effective way to prevent varicose veins from getting more severe is to exercise, lose weight, elevate your legs when you are resting, and avoid crossing them when sitting. A loose-fitting outfit and avoiding prolonged standing can also help. You may be able to have varicose veins removed if they’re painful or bother you.


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