Mental Health

Psychodynamic or psychoanalytic psychotherapy


The concept in this therapy is that our early life or childhood experiences play an important role in how we feel today and how we interact with others. The therapy therefore addresses underlying issues and causes, often from your past, which may be concerning you now, or affecting your relationships with others. 


During the sessions you will be encouraged to talk freely and to look more deeply into your problems and worries. It therefore differs from many other talking therapies in that it aims to help people make deep-seated change in personality and emotional development, alongside relieving troubling symptoms. It can help you discuss feelings you have about yourself and other people, particularly family and those close to you.  


Psychodynamic psychotherapy can be offered on individual or group basis. 


It is offered to treat a wide range of mental health conditions such as depression, complex trauma, personality disorders, eating disorders and anxiety.

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